Tiny Bloom Portable Breast Pump - Mint Green

Tiny Bloom Portable Breast Pump - Mint Green

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Compact, light and portable but strong and reliable with no cords, made to mimic babies sucking action with closed antibackflow system that efficiently works to produce the most amount of breast milk in the shortest amount of time.

USB rechargeable battery so you can express anywhere directly into our Amber PPSU bottles or into our connectable milk storage bags, comes with self stand for stability after pumping or around other little ones. Works very well with a pump bra.  NO CORDSHospital grade performance with expression mode Level 1 from 138mmgh-318mmgh on Level 9

What's included in a pump pack? 

  • Lightweight 180ml milk bottle collector with 0-3mth old anticolic teat with cap
  • Ergonomic sleek smart memory pump motor
  • Diaphragm & valve
  • Pump bottle stand for less spills
  • Soft silicon lace design suction shield
  • Shield dust cap and USB cable
  • Convenient carry bag
  • You need a 5V 1Amp USB plug - not included